Maine Coon Cat an original US American domestic cat

The Maine Coon cat, also known as the American Forest Cat, is an original US American domestic cat used in the North East of the United States, which in 1985 became a “state cat” from the US state of Maine “Became more serious. For a long time it is bred according to plan. It is a semi-heavy-haired cat. Since it is very attached, the Maine Coon is also called dog cat. Other names of the breed are Maine cat or Maine Shag. Because of its nature and its size is also referred to as a gentle giant (“gentle giant”). Maine Coon cats are occasionally also affectionately called “Coonies”. Together with the Norwegian forest cat and the Siberian cat, she is a member of the group of so-called “Waldkatzen”.

Maine coon cat appearance Maine Coon Cat

The cats are “large” and have a long bushy tail. The head is slightly longer than wide. The muzzle is wide. The eyes are wide apart. The ears are large and wide at the base. Small lint brushes are desirable, but not a “must”. Ear buds protect the ears from the cold. The cats have a long, dense and water-repellent coat. Between the toes, furrows, the “snowshoes” protrude. A Maine Coon has once grown to three years. Apart from the Norwegian forest cat and the Ragdoll (according to the official breed description), they are among the largest and heaviest cats in the world. An adult male can become heavy from nose to tail over 1.20 meters long and over 12 kilograms.

Maine Coon Cat Behavior The Maine Coon is a gifted hunter as an original working cat; Also, they are generally intelligent and playful animals. They prefer to use their paws, they have been able to easily open doors and taps and pick up small objects. Maine coons are also gifted “retrievers”. Many Maine Coons take their food with the paw and do not eat directly from the feeding bowl, they are also very often water-loving and like to play with it. Their voice is rather quiet and very high, was actually not suited to the size of the animals. The Maine Coon is also very talkative with the people as well as their peers. Despite the soft “gurgling” voice, she is able to draw attention to her wishes very purposefully. Frequently, Maine Coons are very “socially” adjusted cats. If they live with other pets, not only cats, they are often tolerated by them.

Their dealing with people is to be described as extremely friendly and affectionate. Aggressive behavior of Maine Coons is very rare, also against small children.