Cat communicator Who can communicate mentally with animals

Alexa Neder from Diepoldsau is desperate and then searching for Cat communicator servise. For three weeks the 27-year-old missed her cat Punky. “When we came back from holidays, she had disappeared,” says Weder. But neither is not alone. As she says, at least 17 cats were reported missing in the last month alone in the Widnau region. “It’s just crass,” says Neither. On the Facebook page of the animal protection association Rheintal she watches almost every day new missed messages. The mood among cat owners in the region is therefore very tense.

Cat communicator: Seherin saw black car In their despair, cat owners use unconventional search methods. Andrea Kurz from Widnau has missed her cat Pablo since the middle of July. “I called a seer. This has told me that a man with a black car will take all cats within a radius of ten to twelve kilometers, “says Kurz to St. Galler Tagblatt “. The story of the man in the black car has since the round in the Rhine valley, as Alexa Neder confirms. “It’s important that we all open our eyes and look after the animals,” she says.

In her search for her Pablo, Andrea Kurz has taken a step further: she has been in contact with an animal communicator. “This can communicate mentally with animals. Even if they are dead. Maybe the cat will tell her how she is, “says Kurz.

Cat communicator Animal welfare rather cautious Even the animal protectionists have not missed the many missing reports. According to Jennifer Pizzeghello of the Animal Protection Association of the Rhine Valley, several vague indications have been given to a cat collector. “We do not want to blame anyone. If we do not have precise information, we can not do anything, “Pizzeghello said, 20 minutes.

Especially during the high summer temperatures, the cats would often stay outdoors. “Then they are quickly reported as missing,” says Pizzeghello. Nevertheless, it was noticeable how many cats had disappeared. “We do not have exact figures,” says the animal protectionist.

Alexa Neither hopes for more commitment on the part of animal rights activists. “You can not just stand idly when so many cats disappear,” says the nurse.