Cat Adoption and the other pet you can adopt

Cat Adoption and the other pet. There are moments in life where the paths of man and beast separate. Sometimes it is allergies or other diseases of the owner, sometimes a move or a new job is the reason for such a drastic step.

Remember, however,

If you own an animal, you also bear responsibility. To give a dog or a cat is a family member!

cat adoption

Often the animals we have taken spend months, some even years in the shelter, until a new owner finds themselves. The new situation in any case, even if it is only temporary, means stress for the animal. Therefore, we would like to ask you: If for any reason you need to separate your pet, try to find a good new home in your own initiative. There are good communication sites on the Internet or in the newspaper.

Cat Adoption Attention: Cat Adoption. This does not apply to animals you have taken from the Tiergarten Berlin. If you need to return one of our former proteges, please let us know immediately. The transfer of this animal to other persons is not permitted, unless the animal protection association for Berlin agrees to it.

If an emergency exists or if no owner finds, the animal protection association is, of course, ready to accept your animal.

DANGER: You need cash or an EC card for animal tax. Please also provide a valid ID card.

Please check with us beforehand if there are any capacities for animal taxation!

Please note that the pet tax will take some time – for the formalities, the presentation of the animal in our veterinary practice and the integration into our existing groups. We therefore ask you to plan according to the time and to schedule pet offenses on our opening days only until 1 pm (dogs) or 2 pm (cats, small animals, birds etc.).

Please understand that we can only take animals from Berlin.

Please inquire by telephone if we can accommodate your pet, especially for the delivery of a dog.

Please understand that we can not currently take any unvaccinated cats. If your cat is not vaccinated, we urge you in the interests of your pet to first vaccinate with your veterinarian and wait two weeks before vaccination is effective.

Please note that only the owner can personally deliver the pet. If this is not possible, he can issue a written authorization, which must be submitted with a copy of his ID card.

Already knew? One day animal shelter costs an average of 10,000 euros! This is a lot of money, which only the members of the animal protection association, sponsors and donors have to raise. Since our animal shelter does not receive any money from the Land of Berlin, we are obliged to charge for the admission of an animal depending on the state of health fees, which are far below the costs that actually arise for us.

– dog Adoption: 60 to 115 euros – Cat Adoption: 20 to 85 euros – Mouse / hamster Adoption: 5 Euro – rabbits, degu, chinchillas, rats: 5 to 30 euros – budgies, nymphs, agaponids (only rosary), Canaries, finches: 15 euros – gr. Parrots: 50 euros – Water turtles, turtles, small lizards: 20 euros – Iguanas: 30 euros

For further questions, please contact our staff at +49 (0) 30/76 888-0.